Personal Safety Equipment

Personal safety equipment is devices that employees must use to protect their lives according to the type of work and different working conditions.
Many occupational accidents may occur depending on the type of work and the circumstances of the people at work, and the use of personal protective equipment can significantly reduce these losses.
The effective factors for choosing the personal protective equipment are as follows:

1) Acceptation of workers to use personal protective equipment
2) Compliance with the standard
3) Adaptation to individual capability and sensitivity
4) Compatibility with harmful factors in the workplace
5) Appropriateness to the season and culture of the community
6) Ease of use
7) Do not cause side effects and be versatile
8) Duration of use and accessibility
9) Maintenance and expiration date and reasonable price
10) The opinion of the worker and the appropriate material

first aid kit

The first aid kit contains a set of supplies and equipment used for medical treatment. There is a wide variety of first aid kit contents based on the knowledge and experience of those who put it together, allowing for different first aid needs in the area where it may be used.


A windsock is a conical textile tube that indicates the wind direction. If your workplace carries the risk of a gas leak, a windsock is essential in order to ascertain the wind direction. When escaping from a gas leak or the fumes from a chemical spill, move away from the direction of the wind.
windsock in chemical plants can indicate the direction and severity of hazardous material leakage
The conical shape of the wind vane is due to the fact that the narrower ends of the vortex have more resistance than the larger inlet air inlet.

Safety Shower and Eyewash

Many high-risk jobs contain toxic and corrosive substances, chemicals, and dust in the workplace that can damage the eyes.
The effects of chemicals can be so dangerous that delaying access to water and rinsing the eyes, even for a short time, can have serious consequences and damage. But using an emergency shower and eye wash reduces the effects of these substances.
They are often placed outside the work environment with a salty eye shower and people use it to wash their eyes.
Water control mode is different in different types of showers and can be one of the three modes of foot pedal, hand pedal and pull handle.