Atrin Rad Mehr Company (Private Joint Stock Company) as one of the leading companies in the manufacture, supply of parts and equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical since 1390 in the field of import, production and engineering of fire alarm and extinguishing systems, Safety and firefighting equipment has started and with continuous efforts in supplying equipment and implementing national projects in this area, using the technical ability and experience of competent and specialized managers of the complex, has succeeded in achieving significant progress in supplying project equipment. And various industries including oil and gas and petrochemicals, drilling, refineries, airports, hospitals, power plants, automobiles and overseas as well as other industries.
In addition to extensive imports of equipment from European, American and Asian countries, the company directly and without intermediaries for the mentioned projects and industries with products such as:
Cabinet, Hose Reel, Skid of Deluge, Skid of CO2 System, Foam Chamber, Safety Showers & Eye Wash
Has a strong entry into the domestic market for localization and self-sufficiency in the construction of the above equipment and is trying to improve the quality and quantity of its products to meet the needs of companies and domestic projects and prevent the outflow of currency to purchase the above equipment.
Atrin Rad Mehr Company (Arme) is proud of its successful professional, technical and also years of experience of successful managers in the fields of consulting, design, supply of equipment, installation and commissioning of safety systems for oil and gas and petrochemical industries and Other mentioned industries meet the technical and consulting needs of esteemed employers in the country.
This company has successfully implemented huge projects in oil development projects located in the phases of South Pars, oil rigs, mining and industrial projects with large and reputable companies such as Iran Marine Industries (Sadra), Khatam Al-Anbia Construction Company , Upstream of the plateau, Darya Sahel, Shafaq Kish Petrochemicals, Farab, Special Machinery, Technical and Engineering Company of Design and Inspection, Omid Taban Hoor Energy Management, Fakour Sanat Tehran, Toos Asphalt, Subsidiaries of the Ports and Shipping Organization, Airports of the country, Kerman Copper Industries, Offshore Oil, Milad Hospital, National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, National Iranian Petroleum Refining and Distribution Company and CNG Contractors, Mapna Group, Saipa Automotive, National Iranian Gas Company, Isfahan Steel , Iran Kish Petro Development, Shazand Petrochemicals, Tabriz, Isfahan, Pardis, Maroon, Khuzestan, Miandoab, Bouali and other national projects inside and outside the country in Iraq have been proud to cooperate in the complete list of project records of the company for reference. Will be sent.
It should be mentioned that Atrin Rad Mehr Company, in order to achieve its long-term goals, using the latest methods and standards in the world to facilitate the supply of equipment, has established branches and offices in Turkey and Germany and has been able to cooperate with expert managers. Indigenous people located in offices abroad will overcome obstacles and problems and meet the technical and equipment needs of their projects as soon as possible.

In the end, it is hoped that Atrin Rad Mehr Company with the acronym “Armeh” as a supplier, manufacturer, designer and executor in the field of safety equipment and fire and gas and petrochemical and other industries with a continuous presence in domestic and foreign markets , With the help of God Almighty and the increasing efforts of its managers and professional staff, always meet the needs and deserve your trust, dear employers.